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Trondheim science week is a yearly conference, which is held in Trondheim during the start of March each year. The next time Trondheim science week is held is 8th to 12th of March 2022. The goal of Trondheim science week is to inspire and encourage student to be engaged and care about science and research. We want to motivate all students to build careers in science and technology based on curiosity and fascination around both human created and natural wonders, ranging from the origin of life to exploration of space. We invite speakers from home and abroad, from Nobel laureates to popular science communicators. In 2019 we were visited by the famous Youtuber and mathematician James Grime, know from Numberphile. We were also visited by Grant Sanderson, the man behind the YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown. We have the last six years (2016-2021) been visited by researchers from NASA. We have also had events with PhD-fellows at NTNU as part of promoting young and promising researchers. In addition to this we invite companies to come and talk about something interesting they are doing that may be of interest to science students. Our intention is for these companies to promote science in their work, and be good examples on futureproof research and innovation, and that the companies we invite show how the breadth of opportunities you get through science can be used in their daily work. Trondheim science week is arranged in collaboration with Linjeforeningen Delta, the student society for mathematics- and physics students at NTNU.

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Høgskoleringen 5, NTNU 7491 Trondheim, Norway


Trondheim Science Week is a festival arranged by volunteering students from Linjeforeningen Delta, the student association for mathematics and physics at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology).
Trondheim Science Week will be held the 8th to 12th of March 2022