Steinar Stapnes – CERN

The structure of matter, fundamental forces and the evolution of our universe are primarily studied in accelerators and with a wide range of astroparticle and astronomical observations. All of these studies are organised as large international projects bringing together the best universities, laboratories and technologies world-wide to build very advanced, and usually large, instruments to perform the necessary measurements. 

In spite of enormous progress over the last 50 years dark matter and energy, dominating our universe, are still unknowns, and quantum physics and general relativity are still at odds with each other.

The focus will be on studies made within experimental particle physics in projects at CERN and in similar accelerator laboratories in the US, China and Japan.  

This lecture shows how such studies are made, explores the close links between new technology and progress in fundamental physics, and gives examples of some of the projects underway or planned. 

The role of the Norwegian researchers in this field will be mentioned, and how students at Norwegian universities can participate and spend time for example at CERN during their studies. 

Realfagsdagene er et arrangement arrangert av Delta, linjeforeningen for matematikk og fysikk ved NTNU.
Neste Realfagsdagene arrangeres 13.-15. mars 2024.